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Inside the San Giuseppe church



Underground Alba is a tour led by a professional archaeologist for an itinerary that includes a selection of 3 sites, from the total 32 on the city’s archaeological route.

This is the event-page about this single scheduled visit date.  To learn about all other scheduled visit dates click here.

To make reservations for this visiting date, fill out and submit the reservation form at the bottom of this page.

Advance reservation is mandatory, with as much advance notice as possible (minimum and maximum number of participants).

If you want to purchase general information about the project and the other projects financed by the proceeds of Alba Sotterranea, click here.

With the patronage of the Italian Minister of Culture since 2012.


The Underground Alba tours on Summer Monday mornings (from 1st July to 26th August) are in English.

It is possible to book a group tour o a private tour in French, English or Italian at least two days in advance  sending a email to info@ambientecultura.it  (the cost depends on the number of participants).


The tours will start from the meeting point inside the church of San Giuseppe (address: Via Vernazza, 6).

Travel between one stage and another takes place on foot, on the surface, a few hundred meters in the historic centre.


The list of individual visiting times available for this visit date can be found in the reservation form at the bottom of the page in the appropriate section.

Participants are asked to arrive a 15 minutes before the tour start time for ticket purchase and registration.


Click here to download the leaflet reminder with all the info or the poster in the format you want.


Individual tickets:

  • full 15 euros, subject to availability of any seats.
  • free reserved for: under 10 yo and disabled with percentage higher than 67%, to be documented by appropriate certification.



The Underground Alba Sotterranea ticket includes:

  • the ticket to the “F. Eusebio” archaeological and natural science civic museum.
  • the 1-euro reduction to climb the bell tower of San Giuseppe, a panoramic point of the city. On Monday morning tours, the itinerary is circular and the tour ends at San Giuseppe Church, with the possibility of climbing the bell tower.
  • a free archeo-map.
  • reduction (€5 instead of €10) to play the Clue Hunt through the streets of the city of Alba (it is one of the two modules of the City Game). In this case, it is necessary, after purchasing the tickets, to go to St Joseph’s Church to collect/receive the appropriate kit.
  • many other Freebies & Benefits, to discover them all click here.

Benefits can be used on the day itself or later, until the end of the year. Benefits can also be used on the day of the visit itself, before the time of the guided tour, upon advance purchase of tickets at the meeting point.

The theater of Alba Pompeia


The itinerary will vary according to the day selected. The journey foresees to reach 3 of the 32 the archaeological and monumental sites of the city. For eventual updating of the itinerary, please consult www.ambientecultura.it

The tour lasts about 1h 45 minutes.


The Alba Sotterranea project allocates the annual operating assets to interventions for the recovery and enhancement of environmental and cultural assets in the area. To learn more click here. To become a Friend of Alba Sotterranea write us at info@ambientecultura.it.


Comfortable footwear is recommended. The sites are widely accessible and there are no narrow tunnels or difficult passages. The organizers assume no responsibility for injuries, damage or loss during the course of the excursion. Tours activated upon reaching the minimum number of bookings will take place even in case of rain. They will only be canceled due to exceptionally bad weather conditions.


Fill out and submit the form below to make a reservation. In case seats are sold out, you will be contacted for a new proposal.


If you are redirected to a thank you page after submitting the form, your reservation was successful and you will receive a summary email to the address you provided.

PLEASE check your spam filter if you did not receive it.
If the submitted form is missing a required information (marked with * ) or filled out incorrectly, the form highlights in red the section to be corrected, before resubmitting.

Only in case of persistent difficulties send an SMS or WhatsApp message to +39 339 7349949 or +39 342 6433395, with the same information required by the form (please do not call).


ENGLISH: Fill out and submit this form to book. In case the places are sold out, you will be contacted for a new proposal. ATTENTION: - If after sending the form you are redirected to a thank you page, the booking was successful and you will receive a summary email (PLEASE check the spam filter, in case of non-receipt). If the form sent is missing a mandatory data (marked with *) or filled in incorrectly, the form highlights the section to be corrected in red.

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