Very long is the history of the city of Alba: 8000 years have passed since, in the Neolithic age, the first men decided to stop in these places. Overwhelmed by the Roman occupation, which causes profound changes in the city, Alba manages to obtain citizenship of Latin law, and will give birth to a “his” Emperor (Elvio Pertinace).

We find it again Free Commune in medieval times, when it reaches its maximum splendor, and we see it fall under different dominations during the Renaissance.

Find the 8000 years of the History of Alba

Langhe and Roero

The Langhe and the Roero follow the fortunes of their capital: territory of the Ligurian tribes, are occupied militarily by the Romans, who leave some small archaeological treasures. But the great transformation comes with the Middle Ages, when on the highest peaks of the hills are built the many castles that we can still admire today.

Find the territory of Langhe and Roero


Find the Piedmont territory

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