The canteen, the kitchen and the warehouse
The tableware (the tray, dishes, glasses, cups and fruitpots) were fine ceramics, glasses or metals.
Among the ceramic containers, the commonest types are the “terra sigillata” ones and the “fine
pottery” The terra sigillata is characterised by a brilliant red-orange glaze with some stamps. In
Alba, local products and other examples from Arezzo, Southern Gallia and Late Roman African
(showcase 19, 2-13) are attested. The so-called “fine pottery” due its name to its thin clay body and
it is recognizable in some cups, glasses and grey ollae (showcase 19, 31-33). Among the glass
findings, carenate cups, dishes, cups, glasses and bottles destined to the warehouses (showcase 19,
25-30) have been discovered. Having made these considerations about the most precious potteries,
common ceramics (for the canteen but especially used in the kitchens and in the warehouse) can be
seen. They consist of local objects that had to answer to applicative situations.

1. Northitalian Terra sigillata cup – type “Aco” – from Palazzo Vercellese (Arcaheological
Museum of Turin)
2. Blown glass cup with white embedded filaments (Archaeological Museum of Turin)
3. Reconstructive hypothesis of a kitchen of a domus
4. Remains of a kitchen in a Pompeian domus
5. Pompeian fresco with the representation of a wine dining room