The cremation necropolis in Piave Street
Here the archaeologists have unearthed a deposit containing cremated human bones with grave
goods into specific ceramic urns. There are mostly individual tombs but also few cremations with
two adults or children. The tombs are not aligned – as in the Urnfield culture – but distributed in
scattered groups corresponding probably to the different family clans.
The urns, sometimes covered by a slab, were situated in small pits excavated in the soil; these
stones had to mark the presence of the tombs, they could been simply distinguished and they
permitted the identification of the tombs in order to let possible some complex rituals in honour of
the ancestors.
In some cases the partial alteration of the tomb, the fragmentation of the urn, the small quantity and
the dispersion of the bones with their grave goods suggest an ancient violation. Its target was
probably the recovery of metal objects.
In the showcase n. 8, you have some cinerary urns and grave goods from the cremation