Next to the most demanding funerary monuments, the family and individual graves were indicated by simple river cobblestones, amphorae or by inscriptions. The marble stele from Alba Pompeia were usually installed in front of the funerary enclosures and they are often decorated by the representations of the funeral symbols (the dolphins, lions, winged sphynx, Medusa) and sometimes by the deceased’s portrait. The funerary inscriptions show the names, the parental links, the moral qualities, the public charges and the legal situations.

Quisquis hoc sustuleris aut iusserit, ultimus quorum moriatur

Anyone will raise this stone or will remove, die the last of his

(Roma, CIL VI, 29946)

1)Sepulchre of the via Anniawith the funerary enclosure, Aquileia

2)Carlo Labruzzi: the area of the sepulchres near San Sebastiano with the inscriptions discovered in the Claudia Semme tomb