Alba, Risorgimento square (Duomo, 1839)

I-II centuries AC

The big and well-carved letters preserved refer to a monumental inscription.


Tracing of a funeral stele

Cortemilia, bed of the river Uzzone (1985)

I century AC

Quintus Valerius’stele who financed this monument when he was still alive. The shape and the disproportionate measures of the letters suggest an execution done by a local artisan on a semi-carved stele and bought without epigraph.


Funeral sandstone stele

Cortemilia, Ponte Moschetto hamlet

First half I century AC

Stele of the citizen of Alba Lucius Naevius Montanus who financed his funeral monument when he was alive. The cognomen Montanus indicates the fact that he lived out of the city. In the semi-circular part of the stele, the body of the deceased is represented, with the simplified and rough traits that are typical of the local arts.