P38 The domus of the social theatre
The domus – of which here it is reconstructed a part from the atrium – goes back to the first half of
the I century AC. The back wall of an ambulacrum (B), which faced in a small paved courtyard
with a well, was decorated with yellow and red staggered rectangles on a white ground that imitated
the marble walls.
The wall behind the previous one, which faced the internal courtyard (A), was painted with wide
yellow and red scores, in which mythological squared motives were inserted.
The room G, constructed in the first hall of the II century AC, shows a decoration with vegetal
green and red shoots on a white ground.

1) Sight of the archaeological excavation with the remains of the domus
2) Reconstruction of the paved courtyard with the well. On the background, the ambulacrum with
the red staggered rectangles paintings.