Federico Eusebio was born in Alba on 14th December 1852 to a family of Magliano Alfieri. Here he attended the high school, then he moved to Turin where he completed his classical studies and, in 1887, he graduated in fine arts.

In 1892 he was appointed to the chair of latin literature and later of classical archaeology in the University of Genoa. Eusebio underlined the importance of the local history in order to understand the general one. For this reason, he stressed the need to have some associations specialized in archaeology, history, art and literature also in small cities. In 1897, the Museo Storico Archeologico Albese was founded thanks to his engagement and a large part of its collections were composed by donations solicited by himself. His intent was to study the finds of the museum and to publish these researches on scientific issues.

In 1908 he inaugurated the publication of an archaeological, historical, artistic and naturalistic local studies issue called Alba Pompeia. He died in Genoa on 25th July 1913.

  • The professor Federico Eusebio
  • Eusebio’s outlines and notes about the archaeological findings


In the showcase some Eusebio’s personal objects (n. 1), the bag for the collection of the coins constructed by his father who was a carpenter (n.2), some notes (n. 3), the medal won in the High School for the Latin composition (n. 4), the results of the high-school exit exams (n. 5)