Living in Alba
The Intermediate Neolithic hut is different: it is rectangular, marked by a continuous small channel
that had to house a series of flanked poles, except for one southeast opened side. Some indoor and
central holes for the poles were connected to the sustainment structures of the roof. We suppose that
the dwelling was composed of a residential vane delimited by a fence 1, 80-2 meters high. Small
and big poles constituted the fence. The ending part of the big ones consisted in a fork, which
permitted the installation of those beams that sustained a mezzanine and the gabled roof. The Early
Neolithic hut suggests a sense of precariousness; it belongs to a beginning phase of the Neolithic,
characterized by the colonization of small spaces in the forests, thought to be pasturelands or
agricultural fields. On the other hand, the Intermediate Neolithic hut suggest a new concept of
structure, thought to last, associated with the booming of the Neolithic economy and the strong
development of villages.
Terracotta representation of a rectangular house (from Strelice, Czech Republic)
Reconstructive hypothesis of the Langhe Road 65 dwelling
Reconstronctive hypothesis of the rectangular dwelling from Langhe Road 43
Planimetry of thefloor of the dwelling from Langhe Road