The hypogean tomb
The archaeological excavation – carried out from 1979 to 1981 in the San Cassiano quartier – has
put in light the remains of a necropolis, located along the southwest street that connects Alba
Pompeia with Pollenzo and Bene Vagienna.
In the ensemble of the findings – traced back to the I century BC – there are different architectural
types of funerary monuments: two funerary enclosures (building A and D) and a columbarium
hypogean tomb (building B) for multiple graves.
The parallelepiped chamber room was completely unearthed and without openings. The grave
goods found into this monument consisted in an amphora with an incised inscription indicating the
name of the producer of the content.
1) Amphora with inscription belonging to the grave goods of a chamber tomb (scale 1:25)
2) Planimetry of the necropolis archaeological excavation
3) Building D
4) Building C