The monumental marble gravestone
In the inscription you can read:
V(ivus) / C(aius) Cornelius / C(ai) f(ilius) Cam(ilia tribu) / Germanus, aed (ilis), / q(uaestor),
(duo)vir; praef (ectus) fabr(um), / iudexex (quinque) dec(uriis), / flamen Divi Aug(usti) / sibi et /
Valeriae M(arci) filiae / Marcellae, / uxori optimae.
In the lower frame, you can read:
S(uo) l(oco) v(ivus) i(pse) p(osuit)
Alba (Tanaro banks, 1779)
Second half-part of the I century AC

This monument had been dedicated by Caius Cornelius Germanus, an important member of the city
aristocracy, to himself and to his wife. In the text he describes his political career (the cursus
honorum): aedile, quaestor, duovir, prefectus fabri and judge of one of the fifteen decuria and
furthermore responsible for the deified Augustus.
This last charge – incised with smaller letters – had been added when the monument was completed
and therefore it represents the final role of his career. The frontal side of the monument shows a
highly decorated framed inscription. The left and the right side show respectively the comedy muse
and the tragedy muse; on the back side the monument is decorated with a big shield with two
crossed lances; at the top, there is a fixing hole.
The gravestone – preserved for long times into the Vernazza’s house, who had restored it – had
been bought by Carlo Alberto in 1820 and offered to the city of Alba five years later.