Funeral inscription on marble slab

Alba, Provvidenza alley (nursery-school, 1903)

I-II centuries AC

The preserved letters could represent the genitive of a cognomen, probably Secundus



Funeral inscription on marble slab

Alba (1779)

First half-part of the II century AC

Marcus Carsius Secundus’ epitaph. He was an exponent of the city élite who belonged to the equestrian order, as revealed by his administrative charge as praefectus fabri, iudex in one of the five judicial decuriae and as curator.

The slab has been re-used as base of three small columns in Middle Ages.



Funeral inscription on marble slab

Alba, San Cassiano hamlet (1901)

II century AC

Lucius Attius Stabilius’ epitaph. He was Lucius’ son who dead when he was 32.




II century AC

Lucius Didius Primus’ and his mother Messia Pezusa’s epitaph. As Greek cognomen suggests, she had a servile origin as the wife and daughter-in-law Didia Severina, to which the inscription was dedicated.



Grezzone funeral stone

Alba, M. Ferrero square (1929)

II century AC

Stele dedicated by Cornelia Prepusa, Titus’ daughter, to her mother Lelia Seconda, Titus’ liberta, and to her step-father, as revealed by the different patronymic of the two men, Lucius Allius Lamyrus. The Greek cognomen indicates also for him a servile origin.




Second half-part of the II century AV

Stele dedicated by the libertus Arcelao to himself and to her girlfriend Vettia Albana, Sextius’liberta, who was still alive during the construction of this monument.