Funeral inscription on a marble slab


I-II centuries AC

Inscription dedicated by Camiria, feminine patronymic, to a person of which the name has been lost. Perhaps, the letters preserved in the first line refer to the name Cornelius introduced by the formula Dis Manibus, written on the lost part of the epitaph.



Funeral inscription on a marble slab

Rodello, Caramelli hamlet (1925-1930)

First half II century AC

Cabrilius Camus’ epitaph. The patronymic Cabrilius is widely attested in the Hispanic region, whereas the cognomen is very common among the liberti.



Funeral inscription on marble slab

Alba, Piave street

I-II centuries AC

The preserved part of the inscription is not enough to suggest hypothesis: it’s possible to affirm that the woman who dedicated this monument was a slave and, in addition, the presence of the name of her master.



Funeral marble stele

Alba, Santa Rosalia hamlet (1915)

Early II century AC

Stele dedicated to Valeria Marcella, died when she was 28, by her family: the husband Manius Calpurnius Benignus, her daughter Calpurnia, the parents Valerius Sabinus and Marcellina and probably the aunt Valeria Sabina.