Funeral stone stele

Trezzo Tinella

Early I century AC

Vennonia Prima’s funeral inscription, Publio’s daughter. The cognomen Primus/a is one of the most common



Funeral grey stone stele


Early I century AC

Caius Atilius’s stele, Lucius’son; he belonged to the Camilia tribus. He ordered this monument when he was still alive



Funeral stone stele


Early I century AC

Pollia’s stele, Quintus’ daughter. The cognomen Tertius/a was very common



Funeral stone stele

Trezzo Tinella, Galeria hamlet

Late I century AC, early II century AC

This is the stele of an ex slave, Quintus Valerius Optatus, Quintu’s libertus, who obtained the Roman citizenship after his liberty and who has been inscribed to the tribus Palatina, as the great part of the liberti. His patronymic represents one of the most famous patronymics of the Roman world.