The cults and the funerary rites
In this necropolis, the scholars have unearthed several pits with carbons, burnt animals bones
fragments and some parts of a domestic pot, intentionally broken. The pits had to house the remains
of vegetal or animal offerings placed on the pyre and they constitute the evidence of the presence of
rites and cults led during the funerals or in following moments.
Along the northeast edge of the cemetery, a “Trana type” bronze sword – intentionally smashed in
two parts and put vertically in the pit – has been put in light and it represents an offering to
celebrate the inauguration of this funerary area.
Bronze sword from the Trana mire (Archaeological Museum of Turin).
Pot composed by clay mixed with different elements posited in the tomb 8
Planimetry and section of the tomb 17
Planimetry and section of the ritual sword, Trana type.
In the showcase n. 7, you have cinerary urns and grave goods from the cremation necropolis.