The beautiful Baroque church was built in several stages, starting in 1642, by the Pilgrims’ Company, an association of lay devotees and walkers who organized the annual pilgrimage from Alba to the shrine at Vicoforte Mondovì, native village of Teobaldo Roggeri, co-patron saint of the city of Alba. The Pilgrims erected and decorated the church completely at their own expense, thus becoming the Confraternity of St. Joseph. Abandoned and then restored in the late twentieth century, it is now a very active cultural center, and in addition to the Baroque hall, the bell tower (panoramic point of view of the city), the underground archaeological route (one of the stages of Underground Alba), the Choir of UNESCO Dioramas and Landscapes and the Hall of the Righteous Among the Nations – a memory museum of 20th-century – can be visited.